Spanish Altiplano
Tarija, Bolivia

Apart from attending the school for yourself the best way to judge it’s quality is by the comments of other students.


ClassRoom at Altiplano Spanish

I attended the Altiplano Spanish School for just over 3 weeks. I had previously spent a month in Sucre, also doing Spanish lessons there. My teacher was an effective and well qualified. The school is well organised and Martin and Luisa are friendly and professional. I definitely recommend Altiplano Spanish School. (James, UK)

I'm impressed by the very professional way the school is run and the way that each class leads naturally to the next lesson. This makes it very easy for me to learn. (Juan Carlos, Bolivia).

I found Martin very professional to deal with. What I appreciated about the school was their flexibility to accommodate our schedule and their attention to detail. One teacher in particular, Noemi, was excellent. I felt my Spanish improved greatly under her keen, immersion style instruction. (Mike, Canada).

We enjoyed our Spanish lessons organised by Altiplano. We each had personal lessons with local Spanish speakers. Our teachers used a variety of methods which kept the lessons interesting as well as instructive. They gave special attention to our weak areas, such as pronunciation and tenses. One-on-one instruction was really beneficial. Another plus is that Tarija is a very relaxing and enjoyable city to spend some time in. (Warren and Fay, New Zealand)




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