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Why Tarija
Tarija is a great place to take Spanish lessons as the people are friendly and speak more slowly so you can practise your new skills with them.
Tarija, Bolivia
Other reasons for visiting Tarija for Spanish lessons include:
Tarija is one of the safest cities in Bolivia. It has a low crime rate and you can safely walk the streets at night. Due to its smale size, it is easy to get around.

Its people are friendly and kind. They want to be helpful to strangers and you will be able to practise your newly acquired language skills with them.

The climate is great. It has dry winters with clear blue skies and during the summer season it often only rains at night.

At an altitude of 1,850 metres Tarija is a good place to acclimatise before venturing out to the higher elevations of Bolivia.

It is one of the cleaner cities in Bolivia and is not affected by commercial pollution.

It is in the main wine region of Bolivia and has easy access to the tropical and Altiplano regions of Bolivia, or to Argentina.

It still has a unique indigenous population that wears its traditional clothing and enjoys a way of life still close to its cultural roots. The Western World culture hasn’t taken over yet in Tarija.

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